Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Fistful of Kung Fu at Elliscon in Danielson Connecticut USA on November 15, 2014

In the morning, I ran Ganesha Games Mighty Monsters. This group had two players from that session. I had a complicated session planned. The players set up their own board with terrain I provided. I started with six players, three stayed the whole session. The younger kids lost interest after about two hours, which was a long time, in my opinion. I was happy to have them there for as long as they were.

A Fistful of Kung Fu is written by Andrea Sfiligoi for Osprey Games.

I used the same initiative system I've used before, yoinked from Savage Worlds. I use a deck of cards, counting down from King to Ace. Jokers are wild, so drawing a Joker allows you to choose when you want to act and gives you a +1 for all non activation rolls that turn.

My red roofed temple flashed lights from the inside.

One player stated that his gang was a group of Elvis impersonators.

One of the young guys wanted to use his own figure. Whatever made him happy.  For some reason, in both Mighty Monsters and AFOKF, everyone likes to stand on the top of buildings. Go figure.

The notes usually say whether they are on top of the building or somewhere within.  A lot of focusing occured inside the buildings.

I had to add some sandpaper to the ramps a while ago, so the figures stopped sliding down.  I also told them all vehicles on the board were non-functional, so they wouldn't burn a lot of time trying to hot wire them.

The temple was electrified, so it was harmful to touch.

A lot of mook Motivation occured. The mooks did quite a lot of attacking.

Mr. Blue is trying to focus. That is what the green stone is indicating. The mooks are trying to distract him.

Red Guy is waiting for the mooks to soften up Mr. Blue.

Here are my terrain pieces. The stack of lumber is a Springboard. The wire spools are Entanglements.

Mr. Green pretty much spent the whole game on the roof Focusing and Motivating mooks with Chi points. He played his mooks effectively.

The object on the right is a wooden water tank. One of Mr. Green's mooks pried a plank open to spray the temple with water.

Mr. Green had his mooks scavange the Observatory for props.

Red Guy and Mr. Blue are dukeing it out. The red ring indicates a Wound.

There is a knocked out mook at the bottom of the ramp.

Mooks still smacking each other around.

This picture is from the local radio station Facebook page. I was honored to be featured.

The action was so hot and heavy I didn't have to bring my NPCs out on the table. We played for about three hours with only one Protagonist being killed. I have been asked to run this for other folks who watched this day's battle, so I am counting it as a win.

Thanks to Andrea for creating such great games!

Please buy them so he can buy a nice car.

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  1. Thanks! It seems you nailed the right mood for this kind of games.