Monday, November 17, 2014

Mighty Monsters at Elliscon Danielson Connecticut USA on Nov 15 2014

On Saturday, November 15, 2014, I ran Ganesha Games Mighty Monsters.
Mighty Monsters was written by Andrea Sfiligoi.
I used the same initiative system I've used before, yoinked from Savage Worlds. I use a deck of cards, counting down from King to Ace. Jokers are wild, so drawing a Joker allows you to choose when you want to act and gives you a +1 for all non activation rolls that turn.
This is the setup before choosing monsters.

I have been allowing the players to build their own board. I have a box of terrain in the back left corner.

After setup, the boys got busy. The Howler waits behind the building for the throw down around the corner to shake out.  Green Dino with poison sting tail is attacking King Beak, who has already been bit and damaged by the Fire Dino. [Fire Dino player is child of the King Beak player]

A good layout. Flame Dino player was young and decided all the cars needed to be submerged in the water next to a ramp. It made him happy.

Lots of standing up. Excitement was high.

King Beak is Knocked Out. Dinos are working together, sorta.

After using his Intimidation to good effect, Howler is Knocked Down by a water blast from Akwa (Concussive Force Blast), who is on the ramp nearby. Green Dino taking advantage of the situation.

Flame Dino has backed off after Akwa grappled him and drug him into the water to drown. A lucky bite freed him.

Almost over, Akwa hiding underwater as Flame Dino waits for him to surface.

Green Dino falls, but will get back up.

A standoff between the two dinos and Akwa. I called it there.

Lots of fun was had. I forgot a few things and turned around Powerful and Very Powerful attacks again. I know why, because I was prepping for A Fistful of Kung Fu later, and got my bonuses turned around. I will make up some more 3X5 cards to remind myself.

Thanks to Andrea for creating such great games!

Please buy them so he can buy a nice car.

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