Monday, January 26, 2015

AAR A Fistful of King Fu

1/25/15. Two Games of A Fistful of Kung Fu with my son at home. It was his first time.

We packed the board with terrain, Not too many straight lines. One protagonist and five mooks each. I took a Martial Arts Master, he took a Drunken Monkey Master.

The Drunken Monkey Master beat the snot out of the the Martial Arts Master. MAM got bounced into almost every piece of terrain he wound up next to.

Second game. I changed to Mr. Green, a Dim Mak Master. My son kept the Drunken Monkey Master.A few of  my mooks took their sweet time getting around the shrine and in a position to help me.

Once again, the Drunken Monkey Master beat the snot out of me, bouncing me off the building and the blade of the bulldozer.

Once Mr. Green went down, my mooks failed the morale roll to varying degrees. They tried to rally, but my son's mooks made short work of them.

All and all, good games, My son played pretty conservatively with his activations. Good use of his mook motivations. My dice just sucked that day.

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