Saturday, April 2, 2016

HAVOC Worcester Massachusetts April 2, 2016 AAR

HAVOC Worcester Massachusetts April 2, 2016

Mighty Monsters! Ganesha Games.

[Captions are on top of the pictures]

The set up.

5 Players. 8 Monsters. I used the multiplayer initiative system I've been using for a while. The twist this time is that instead of +2 for drawing the Joker, I gave them an extra die for all attack and defense rolls for that turn. It seemed to work better. I think it is a keeper rule. 

[I remembered to do Powerful and Very Powerful correctly!]

T-Rex making use of those long legs.

Lots of smiles here. Things must be going well.

Father and son discussing tactics and rules. As it should be.

Little guy leveled a building. He was happy.

A hand for size comparison. Someone put the nuclear power plant awful close to the center of town!

Gobira is making his way (slowly)  into the fray.

T-Rex and Killer Bunn before locking horns.

Gobira gets his toes wet.


Stegosaurus body slams Gobira back into the drink!

Gobira and the mecha go after a heavily armored foe.

After a tail slap drives the mecha through a building, failed activations catch up with the stegosaurus.

Called the game shortly after this. Gobira and the purple mecha were the only uninjured figures on the board.

A Fistful of Kung Fu! Osprey Publishing. Scenario based on Into The Badlands on AMC.

Only one player showed up, who signed up to learn the rules. It was the first time I had run AFOKF one to one.

We played it mostly as a tutorial. We stopped and discussed the rules along the way.

Carpet squares are fields of poppies. Carpet rectangles are rows of tall wheat. Both are Broken Ground. Both contain Smelly Stuff. Stands of wheat are line of sight obstacles.

The two protagonists go to blows. The bruiser is in on that fight. The other bruiser is slapping extras around.

The unarmed protagonist calls up her Iron Shirt to protect herself from a brutal attack by two opponents. Whirlwind of Death inhibited by a combined attack.

Mooks not sure what to do.

Bruiser could have rolled better.

Other mooks standing around doing what mooks do best. Nothing.

Protagonist knocked out by the other protagonist. Finished off by the bruiser.

Left hand gang is getting ready to roll morale. Not as bad as I expected.

Its all over but the crying.

Bruiser finishes off a mook.

Protagonist Chi jumps over to finish off the other bruiser.

Another great day of gaming.  Thanks to Andrea once again.

Support Ganesha Games, Osprey Publishing, and other small press game companies out there.

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