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Elliscon November 2015


November 14th, 2015

Danielson Connecticut USA

It took me a couple of weeks after the event to get my laptop back to build this blog post. My daughter is in a Masters Degree program and was beginning her finals the Sunday after the con. Her chromebook died, and she needed Ol' Reliable to finish the semester and take her finals.

Let me try to catch up.

I ran Ganesha Games Mighty Monsters in the morning. Three and a half players. One kid dropped in and out halfway through the session. I chose to use a smaller layout and had each player run three monsters. 

As usual, when I run Mighty Monsters on the same day as I run Osprey's A Fistful Of Kung Fu, I forget that Powerful and Very Powerful Attacks are minus' for the defender instead of plus' for the attacker. As long as the player's don't find that out, I'm golden.

Everyone was quick to engage and forsook ranged attacks for the most part. The blue aquatic figure has a Force Blast attack consisting of a gout of water. He knocked the Giant off the bridge.

The Giant and the Giant Robot went at it hammer and tongs and knocked each other back a couple of times. The Giant was Massive, so it helped him in the clinch. It was hard for him to do any significant damage on the Robot with his Armor.

The T Rex was gnawing on Mecha Zeta, which kept Mecha from using his ranged attacks. The Mecha player should have kept his distance. Even with his armor, his best attacks are his ranged ones.

The young player who briefly stopped by ran the Big Damn Spider. He managed to cast a Web over Mecha, which slowed him up for a turn, allowing Howler to clinch him up.

The players were getting antsy not making much headway against each other. The dice were cold. I called it a draw and invited everyone back for the afternoon session of A Fistful Of Kung Fu.

This session of AFOKF, I did not foreshadow a potential arrival of gamemaster characters. This would be a straight street fight.

Again, I chose a smaller field. I finally get what game author Andrea was getting at concerning play areas.

The green coasters are a forested area.

The players developed their Mooks very effectively, for the most part. The younger players took a lot of damage from the Mooks, which softened them up for the Protagonists.

Note the Gazebo of Doom I recently acquired from the Dollar Store at Halloween!

Someone finally used the planks to make a Long Move without prompting!

Lots of Disarming going on. The two green fighters are an example of the Mirror, Mirror special rule which allows you to create a mirror image of yourself to help you fight, unless it gets too far from you and winks out!

Mooks were wreaking havoc on the Protagonists, who couldn't seem to make the dice listen.

The dual pistol wielder in the center of the picture was breaking up the mess to the left of the woodpile.

The dual pistol wielder lost her advantaged when the Green Girls locked her up. The girls were pretty bashed up, but they managed to take her down.

This guy was able to take out the rest of the Mooks bothering him and recovered his sword and pistol.  The Green Girls were in his sights.

Why they did not pick up the guns, I do not know.

One Green Girl was driven into the spools, becoming Entangled. This caused the other one to wink out.

The dude with  sword and pistol was undoubtedly the winner.

It was a great session.

I ran one more Mighty Monsters session later on in the evening. It was fun, but, unremarkable.

A great day at the Con. Looking forward to Havoc in Worcester Massachusetts in the Spring.

Teach your hobby or it will die with you.

Support small press games like Andrea's.

Ganesha Games and Osprey Publishing.

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