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Galleys and Galleons at Elliscon Danielson Connecticut USA November 18, 2017

Galleys and Galleons at Elliscon Danielson Connecticut USA November 18, 2017

Another year at the Elliscon gaming convention.

I was running a retro game of TSR's Top Secret in the afternoon, so I ran a quick game of Galleys and Galleons in the morning.

Galleys and Galleons is published by Ganesha Games. It is based on the Song of Blades and Heroes engine. It was written by Nicholas Wright.

I had recently come into possession of twenty plus Christmas Decorations shaped like sailing ships. I glued a lettered bead to each one for identification. I made up identical cards for each one with one Special Rule. Galleon Rigged.

I made up another deck of cards with other random Special Rules. I gave one out for each ship. One had Veteran NCOs, one had Trained Gun Crews, one had Chaser Guns, one had a Master Gunner.

Paul, on the left, was my opponent. On the right is Vic, who was running Command Decision that day at a nearby table.

Paul was new to the game system, but is an experienced gamer, and caught on pretty early.

I had the better wind early on.

The wind shifted in the favor of both fleets. Shot were taken pretty early. There were some good hits early on.

Three ships are crippled at this point, while Paul still has one untouched.

One of Paul's ships fails a Critical Hit roll and sinks. I crash into his remaining ship and grapple. He surges across in a boarding action that fails miserably. My second ship fails activation and plows into my first ship and rolls Strike Colors on All at Sea roll. Pauls boarding parties surge back and cause me to Strike Colors from Extra Damage.

 What follows are several after action photos to allow you to see the ships better. The red loops are for damage, the yellow for Striking Colors.

I have to say that, even though I have run several Ganesha Games repeatedly over the last couple years, Galleys and Galleons is giving me the most fun.

I love the activation system and I find most experienced gamers like it, too.

Please buy Ganesha Games products, and those that Andrea Sfiligoi has written for Osprey Games.

Support small press game companies.

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