Sunday, April 2, 2017

Galleys and Galleons at Havoc 2017 in Worcester Massachusetts USA AAR

Galleys and Galleons at Havoc 2017 in Worcester Massachusetts USA.

After Action Report

April 2, 2017

Rules set Galleys and Galleons by Ganesha Games, with supplement rules Fayre Winds and Foul Tides.

Me (Tim) vs Tom

A war galleon and two barques against a pirate galleon, a bomb ketch, and an armed schooner.

Scenario: Pyrate King of Traitor's Atoll
10 round planned.

The Bad: compulsory movement after the wind unexpectantly shifts.

The Good: In Irons is not as bad as you think.

Here is my nametag, I wish I could have made it Saturday to run both games. The sleet storm in Worcester scared me off. Been there, done that.

First moves.

Tim (me) has played many Ganesha Games, Tom is brand new to the franchise.

Tom makes his first moves.

Tom makes his first moves.

What it looks like to roll a turnover on your first roll.

 Tim has two rounds of rolling turnovers on the first ship.
Bomb ketch wandering into the shallows around the island with its shallow draft.

 With shallow draft, Tom's bomb ketch is racking up the Victory Points early. The armed schooner took a hammering from Tim's galleon.

 The bomb ketch fired a couple times with no damage. We used the compass to keep the wind direction right. We used the CD-ROM templates to read the ship orientation after comparing it to the compass.
Here are my turn gages and CD-ROM wind template.

 Tom rolled a 1 on hid red die. He rolled Garbled Orders on the All At Sea table. He took a pot shot at  Tim's barque. The rules do not say if this costs an action. I assume it doesn't.

Everyone on Tim's barque ducked!

 Tim' barque shoots at the armed schooner. No good gunners on that ship.

 The pirate galleon collides and grapples the barque. The barque took two damage, the galleon one. The barque failed to activate next turn, and the following round surrendered to the galleon in a devastating boarding action.

 A good look at the measuring sticks I made for this game.

Tom's armed schooner is limping out of play.

Tim's galleon is parked In Irons off the island racking up the Victory Points. Tom could not budge him. If any other ship had the position Tom's bomb ketch had, the game could have turned out differently.

I couldn't find a rule about firing through friendly ships, so we allowed it.

When Tom's galleon captured Tim's barque, we assumed he did not have to pay the 2 Actions to Cut Grapples and move away. I don't know if this is correct, but I would think it is okay.

My CD-ROM wind direction template.

Cards and other tools.

Cards and other tools.

All in all, lots of fun. I think these are great rules. I did not spend much to gear up for the game. The ships were donated to me, and I based and painted them from stuff I already had in the craft room.

Support Galleys and Galleons and all other Ganesha Games and other small press game companies like it.!

End of Galleys and Galleons After Action Report.

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That is All.

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