Sunday, September 6, 2015

AAR Vic-Con Sept 5, 2015 Mighty Monsters!

Vic-Con is an all day event held at the home of my friends Victor and Claire, who very generously put up with the invasion of a gang of wargamers, friends, family, and various camp followers. There is food, there is gaming, most of all, there is fun.

Four players played two games of Mighty Monsters! Rules from Ganesha Games written by Andrea Sfiligoi. All terrain and monsters built or bought on the cheap. My goal is to show you don't need Big Money to play Fun Wargames.

I used the playing card initiative system I yoinked from Savage Worlds. Joker gives initiative place of player's choice and +1 for all attacks that turn.

This is the first games I've played with flying models used by players. I need to remember not to be too picky about height and distance. Keep the game moving! Flying models in conflict with swimming models is sticky to resolve.

Big Damn Spider dies under the guns of Mecha Zeta!

Dragon and Mecha Zeta duke it out. This is my first game using flying models. I have to resolve to not be tempted to be too hardassed on this. "Don't let the rules (however excellently written!) spoil the fun of the game."

So, I'm not sure what genius would locate the nuclear power plant and oil refinery in the center of town, but, it cleared a lot of real estate when they Blowed Up,Sir! (Stripes! reference)

Killer Bunn levels the oil refinery with flaming guns, Gobira cares not, moves forward to munch on the nuclear power plant!

Stegosaurus levels the building with a vicious tail slap. Globbo begins to pummel him with flaming globs of fire!

City is beginning to feel the pain of a monster mashup!

Stegosaurus succumbs to the flames of Globbo's fire globs.

Gobira shuffles away from the mess he has made of leveling the nuclear power plant. Not likely to catch up with Killer Bun or Globbo, who can freely snipe him from a distance.

Killer Bunn stays in the water to keep from burning alive from Globbo's fire
I did have the players rolling for effects on failed yellow dice to move the game along. In the second game, when everybody was yellow and the reds showed up, I eased it back to ones for yellow and fails for red, when there was two players left. The players were ok with that.

I was not clean on the rule to put oneself out when on fire. I stumbled around a bit with Quality rolls and such. I will clarify by using Wing Blast, entering water, or 2 BODY actions to put yourself out, consuming the rest of your turn. No Quality rolls or great explanation involved involved.

All in all a great session. Got me warmed up to run AFOKF, AAR separate of this one which I will write next.

Support small press games like Andrea's and you won't be sorry.

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